Steve Ankerstar CFP®


My unique story began with experimenting with investing at the age of 16. After getting my first job, my financially strict parents all but forced me to place money away in a custodial brokerage accounts, and after seeing how they money could grow I was hooked. As my life saw changes, including joining the United States Air Force directly out of college, financial freedom was always in the back of my mind. Throughout my two decades of serving in the USAF, I performed pro bono financial planning, helping veterans and their families to get what they want out of life.

As I worked with veterans and moved towards the end of my military service, I realized that there was a lack of tailored financial advice towards the middle class, and so when I retired from the service in 2014, I founded Ankerstar Wealth. To say the years since have been rewarding is an understatement. I've been able to make a living helping others to meet their financial goals and expose younger generations to the benefits of investing through summits and my daily morning show.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and has completed three Masters Degrees as well as the first two years of his Ph.D. in Finance. He has also achieved the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification, a standard recognized internationally.