Our Heritage | Financial Planning Services | Ankerstar Wealth

We trace our roots back to 2013, when Steve Ankerstar retired from the Air Force to start Afterburner Financial, a fee-only financial services firm for the upper middle class. 8 years later in 2021, Afterburner Financial underwent a name change to Ankerstar Wealth, allowing the business to expand into a more professional investment sphere.

Our Success in Numbers

Since its inception, Afterburner Financial/Ankerstar Wealth has flourished in numerous avenues:

  • The firm has increased in size by 40% every year since inception.
  • Assets under management exceed $60 million, a healthy increase from the original $400,000.
  • We opened with 3 clients and the family is now 184 strong.

Milestones in Our History

Since 2013 we have built a company that has helped to make a difference to people’s lives.


Afterburner 1.0 — The beginning

Afterburner Financial was officially formed on in 2013 by Steve Ankerstar. He chose the name “Afterburner Financial” as it embodied the culture of how pilots use risk management to survive on a daily basis.


Afterburner 2.0 — First $1M in Assets

This year marked the first time Afterburner Financial stabilized over $1M in asset under management (AUM).


Afterburner 3.0 — Top to Bottom Process Review

2017 marked the first time that Afterburner Financial became cash flow positive. In turn, Steve and Irene completed a 100% exhaustive review of every single process within the company. This focus on efficiency allowed for significant client expansion going into 2018.


Afterburner 4.0 — Steady State Operations!

In February 2018, Afterburner Financial stabilized over $10M in AUM. The cash flow generated from this capital raise allowed for client expansion beyond 50 clients en route to 100 clients.


Ankerstar Wealth – Rapid Ongoing Expansion

In July 2021, Afterburner Financial hit two key milestones, first rebranding to Ankerstar Wealth and secondly stabilizing over $40M in AUM.


Ankerstar Wealth – Continued Expansion

In 2022, Ankerstar Wealth hired its second and third advisors, allowing for increased service to current clients and paving the way for a large client expansion. AW also stabilized over $50M in AUM.

Projected 2024

Ankerstar Wealth – Operations Center

In March 2024 Ankerstar Wealth plans to move its offices into the newly complete Mayfield Operations Center, a 3400 s.q. f.t. facility that will enable the transition of Ankerstar Wealth into a family-style wealth management office, complete with an in-house CPA and estate lawyer.