How The Process Works

  • How long is the initial meeting?

    Your first meeting generally takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of your financial situation. During this time, we will address your goals and objectives, current financial position and personal situation. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you and you to assess whether we are the right fit for you.

  • What do I need to bring?

    During your first appointment, we will establish why you are seeking financial advice, what your goals are and what you expect from us.  This entire meeting can be just a conversation.  However, if you would like to bring specifics for us to discuss/review, then we ask that you bring (or email us) as many documents as you can.

    For investment management, copies of account statements are desired.

    For financial planning services, some helpful documents include, brokerage statements, 401(k) statements, tax returns, loan and bank statements, copies of wills, insurance details, and/or a budget.

  • What does the first meeting cost?

    Your initial appointment with Ankerstar Wealth is provided free of charge. If you decide to proceed, we will send you a New Client Form to provide us with basic details and then we will prepare an Investment Policy Statement for your consideration, input, and approval.  This first meeting can be in person, over the phone, or over videoteleconference (Zoom, Facetime, Skype) depending on client preference.

  • When do I need to make a decision?

    After your initial appointment, we will send you a New Client Form as well as all compliance documentation that outlines the services we will be providing and our fees. The inputs you provide on the  New Client Form will serve as the baseline for the client agreement which (once signed) establishes our business relationship. You should take the time to read and consider your client agreement before signing and returning it to us. There is no rush to make a decision. We commence work once a signed client agreement is received.  Most paperwork can be accomplished using DocuSign and can be completed in just a few minutes.

  • Can I withdraw my funds (or a portion of) at any time?

    Yes, the client can withdraw any or all of the funds at any time.  Ankerstar Wealth does not invest in any investments that lock up your money.  Small withdrawals are generally available same day, while entire account withdrawals often need three days to settle the final trades and process the paperwork.  As always, early communication with your advisor is key when you anticipate withdrawing funds.

  • Do you provide accounting and legal services?

    No. We do not offer accounting or legal services. Our license stops short of being able to do this.  However, we are happy to work with your existing accountant. Similarly, we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. But we will happily work with you to draft documents for your existing lawyer to help save on expensive hourly lawyer fees.

  • What if I’m not in Texas or Nevada?

    Ankerstar Wealth serves clients throughout the United States and looks forward to having clients all 50 states soon! You can see an updated list of locations where we have clients on the contact page. For our 100+ clients away from an office location we use virtual meetings and always love to catch up anytime an advisor or client is traveling and in town. If you’re in the United States, we’re happy to serve you.

Investment Management

  • Who does Ankerstar Wealth use as a custodian of funds?

    Ankerstar Wealth will not take custody of your funds at any time.  Our investment managers use Schwab as our primary custodian for client funds, therefore money movement transactions are between you and Schwab via electronic funds transfer, We have a separate advisor portal that allows us to manage your accounts, but prohibits us from moving money into or out of your account.  To move money, we simply send you a form through DocuSign for your signature.

  • How are investment portfolios designed and managed?

    After a thorough and detailed analysis of the client’s specific circumstances, an Investment Policy Statement is constructed for the client’s review, consideration and approval. Ankerstar Wealth’s primary goal is to be thoughtful, detailed and consistent when dealing with the client’s legacy of wealth.

    Risk determination is an integral part of Ankerstar Wealth’s investment philosophy and aids us in ensuring that a clients investment objectives are tied into the fluctuations they are willing to endure. Upon meeting the client, advisors will have the new client articulate their investing goals as well as their investing history. Subsequently, the advisor will assign a risk number and risk range to each client account based on the conversation. The client will then approve the risk assignment via contract and outline their specific investment objectives again before investing is begun.

    Once the contract is in place, the advisor will typically place the client into a “core” model through Riskalyze that aligns with the client’s risk tolerance. Any pre–discussed “satellite” (non– model) investments will also be acquired at this time (e.g. private equity holdings, individual bonds, certificates of deposit). The combination of the investments acquired will form a risk level that align with the client’s investment objectives.

    After the initial investment stage is complete, monitoring of the client’s account is performed on a frequent basis, with quarterly check–ins issued through Riskalyze’s Check–In feature to determine client feelings towards the market and their own financial situation. The modeled “core” will change based on each holding’s strength as determined by the firm’s advisory board. Any change to any client account will be kept within the risk range determined in the contract. Having a risk range is critical as it allows advisors to react to specific macroeconomic conditions while maintaining the investment objectives of a client.

  • Do you use active or passive investment strategies?

    It depends on market conditions and client preference.

    An investor with a large bond ladder will see less movement in their portfolio as compared to someone investing in highly speculative tech companies, but active review of both accounts are still performed on a monthly basis (if not more frequently).

    In general, Ankerstar Wealth (AW) uses the following investment strategy:

    • A portfolio’s strength comes from its underlying holdings. Utilizing a core of best of breed stocks as well as a selection of thematic ETFs, AW is able to establish a foundation for each client in accordance with their risk tolerance. In addition to this core, AW provides individually targeted flexibility for clients based on their specific needs. This flexibility allows for the inclusion of satellite holdings, which thanks to existing relationships includes alternative investments such as Cantor Fitzgerald Opportunity Zones and Blackstone Private Funds.
      In short, our core-and-satellite investment strategy provides long-term strategic guidance with a risk aligned core while maintaining the short-term tactical flexibility in your satellite positions that allows our advisors to use their expertise on market conditions to keep your investments on the right track.
    • Core holdings are reviewed at least on a monthly basis and adjustments will be made based on market conditions when the need arises. If the investment team determines an opportunity, accounts will see that holding added for a pre-determined time-frame to capture value if it is within their risk level.
  • How are our fees collected?

    We deduct the fees directly from your account on a quarterly basis. We bill in arrears, which means that we only bill you for services at the end of the quarter.  Clients may also pay by check as well if they prefer.

  • What is Ankerstar Wealth’s investment philosophy?

    Ankerstar Wealth’s philosophy is founded in historical perspective and market knowledge. History has shown that investment cycles repeat themselves, providing a range of expected performance. We believe that a portfolio that is thoughtfully structured and implemented will provide an investor with a greater likelihood of better, more stabilized performance through these market cycles.

Questions on Transferring Assets

  • Does it cost anything to transfer assets to Ankerstar Wealth?

    No. The transfer of assets from your previous custodian/advisor involves paperwork that is completed for you by your Ankerstar Wealth advisor.  Some custodians do charge a fee to transfer assets.  We don’t believe in charging the client for this, so we will happily reimburse your accounts for any fees you are charged by your previous custodian for asset transfer or account closure.

  • Should I liquidate my current accounts prior to transfer?

    No. Please DO NOT do this.  And you will likely be charged fees by your former custodian for doing so.  In addition, there may be significant tax implications of doing this as well. Your Ankerstar Wealth advisors prefer that you transfer your current accounts as they are.  We will analyze your current portfolio using our cutting edge software and make appropriate adjustments to your portfolio based on this analysis.

  • Do I have to transfer all of my assets to Ankerstar Wealth?

    No, of course not. If you would like to try our services with a portion of your assets, we would be happy to showcase our services to you. We will still model your other assets in MoneyGuidePro, so we will manage the portion of the assets under our management with the totality of your portfolio in mind.

  • Do you have an Account Minimum?

    No. We don’t believe in minimums. If you want help, we want to help you. Conversely, we never use high pressure sales. Our clients are with us because they want to be and value what we offer.