Do you use active or passive investment strategies?

It depends on market conditions and client preference.

An investor with a large bond ladder will see less movement in their portfolio as compared to someone investing in highly speculative tech companies, but active review of both accounts are still performed on a monthly basis (if not more frequently).

In general, Ankerstar Wealth (AW) uses the following investment strategy:

  • A portfolio’s strength comes from its underlying holdings. Utilizing a core of best of breed stocks as well as a selection of thematic ETFs, AW is able to establish a foundation for each client in accordance with their risk tolerance. In addition to this core, AW provides individually targeted flexibility for clients based on their specific needs. This flexibility allows for the inclusion of satellite holdings, which thanks to existing relationships includes alternative investments such as Cantor Fitzgerald Opportunity Zones and Blackstone Private Funds.
    In short, our core-and-satellite investment strategy provides long-term strategic guidance with a risk aligned core while maintaining the short-term tactical flexibility in your satellite positions that allows our advisors to use their expertise on market conditions to keep your investments on the right track.
  • Core holdings are reviewed at least on a monthly basis and adjustments will be made based on market conditions when the need arises. If the investment team determines an opportunity, accounts will see that holding added for a pre-determined time-frame to capture value if it is within their risk level.